The Boat

The Boat

Waveney Stardust II is a purpose-built day cruiser designed for people in wheelchairs, with walking difficulties or other disabilities which make it difficult to use a standard cruiser. There are no steps to negotiate; a sturdy hydraulic platform lift is at the stern. Gently sloping ramps are used when necessary and a wheelchair is available for people who experience discomfort on slopes.

Our original boat, Waveney Stardust, celebrated her 25th season in 2017 and is now retired from our service. Waveney Stardust II came into service in 2012.

Access to the boat has been managed to ensure ease of access on foot using walking aids, your own wheelchair or through use of the onboard wheelchair. Walkways slope gently and are non-slip. Once on board, passengers are taken down to inside floor level by hydraulic lift. The boat ramp and the wheelchair lift are provided with guard rails. There are no steps to negotiate anywhere on either boat.

WSTL Safety
Large cabin plenty of room

The boat is bright and well ventilated with large opening windows, opening front doors and an opening roof. The cabin can comfortably seat twelve with room for wheelchairs and bags. And we often take out groups of just tow or three.

There is a deep cockpit well aft with safety rails from which to enjoy the river outside.

There is a large toilet compartment which is spacious enough for a wheelchair and carers.The cabin is equipped with a flush WC, fold-down hand rail, spacers and hot and cold running water via lever tap.

The crew are trained to use the on-board defribrillator.

Tea, coffee and squash are included in every cruise. Why not bring your own picnic and enjoy a relaxing day out? Alcoholic drinks are permitted on board for passengers.

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