Typical Cruise

The Experience – a typical cruise

Waveney Stardust aim to provide safe, relaxing and peaceful boat trips on The Broads for anyone, regardless of their mobility and health.

The video below highlights the many purpose built modifications to our landing stages and boats to make cruising simple, safe and enjoyable. See how easy it is to get on board and move around the boat. Watch one of crews in action and see how they help make a cruise a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
(Video with thanks to Allan Dye)

What can you expect?


  • Arrival at our bases – all have level access, ability to get vehicles close to the boats for embarking
  • Getting on board – level ramps with hand rails to a hydraulic lift. No steps, no steep slopes, and our competent crew on hand who have done this many times.  There is no strict timetable or rush.

Your trip

  • Where can you go?  Refer to our location cruising guides for outline of how far you can go and what you might see.  Exact details will be down to the Skipper  depending on prevailing conditions on the day. The Skipper will do their utmost to meet your requirements but may not always be able to do so.
  • Personalise your trip – We are happy for you to decorate the boat, at the discretion of the Skipper on the day, provided decorations do not impact operation of the boat / movement of the crew around the boat.  We are used to helping guests enjoy Birthday Parties, On-Board Whist-Drives, Bird Watching trips, and more on the river.
  • The Boats – are described on The Boats page. They are both purpose-built to accommodate the disabled with level access throughout and safety rails in the toilet.
  • We don’t race – the idea is to keep the noise down to maximise enjoyment of the waterways.  If the weather permits the windows and / or roof can be opened so you can feel closer to the faura and fauna

Refreshments and Food

  • Refreshments are included – Our crew will serve tea, coffee or squash mid morning and mid afternoon.  Tables are provided to make this safe. And of course you can bring your own food.
  • Picnics  – bring your own picnic and eat on board. Cutlery and crockery are provided. Picnics can be eaten underway, or if you prefer we can pull up alongside one of the many moorings and savour the peace and quiet and maybe stretch your legs.
  • Eating Ashore –  On an All Day cruise it is possible to eat ashore in one of the pubs or restaurants.  You will need to allow time to get to the inn, and at least 30 minutes for disembarking and re-embarking. Not all riverside inns have easy access – if you are planning to eat ashore it is best to consult with the Bookings Officer in advance or Skipper on the day.
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