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Covid-19 Update 29th March 2021
We know very well the enormous benefits our cruises have brought to our passengers in the past. As yet there remains significant uncertainty about how we might operate in 2021. The vast majority of our crews and passengers fall within the groups most at risk from Covid-19. We continue to monitor developments of the Covid-19 and will update you as our situation becomes clearer.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with Waveney Stardust Trust Limited through their website, over the phone and by email.
When you make a booking it is deemed that you accept these terms & conditions.


  • Standard WSTL cruises are subsidised both through donations and crew members giving freely of their time. Therefore, if the Skipper of the day decides that a party does not include at least one person unable to use a standard river cruiser through impairment we reserve the right to charge Charter Rates: £300 per day, £150 half day. For cruises booked as ‘CHARTER’ this Eli-gibility condition does not apply.

Passenger Care and Safety

  • A maximum of twelve passengers is permissible (excludes WSTL skipper and crew)
  • No more than six passengers may remain in wheelchairs on board
  • Residential/Nursing Homes Ratio = 1 carer to 5 clients
  • Passengers requiring personal care must make arrangements for a carer to accompany them
  • Passengers suffering from any medical condition for which special care or conditions may be needed are required to advise the Bookings Secretary prior to a cruise
  • No passenger is permitted to operate any WSTL equipment or machinery, excepting in emergency

Cruise Itinerary, Destinations and Cancellation

  • The skipper of the day may cancel any cruise if the passengers arrive over half-an-hour later than the predetermined start time without previously advising the skipper (contact number provided with confirmation)
  • If you cancel your trip with less than 48 hours notice to the booking secretary, or if your party fails to arrive, you may be charged in order to cover our costs
  • The skipper of a cruise has the authority to alter any prearranged agreements as to the duration or destination of a cruise for reasons of the safety of passengers, weather conditions or otherwise
  • WSTL do not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information that may be given by their crews and other operatives with regards to car parking facilities
  • In the event that WSTL has to cancel a cruise because of the unavailability of volunteer crew the Bookings Secretary will make every effort to offer another date that is suitable to both the passengers and to WSTL. In cancelling the cruise WSTL accepts no responsibility for any costs that might have been incurred by the passengers or the person(s) making the booking.

Food, Pub, Restaurant, Mooring and Parking

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make any reservations required for meals at pubs and restaurants, and to book moorings if required (the boats are approximately 42 feet long)


  • Payments for a cruise must be made to the skipper of the cruise on the day of travel. We are not able to take payment by card.

Data Protection and Privacy

  • Waveney Stardust will respect your privacy and the need to protect any information you provide in the course of booking with us. Personal information we ask for is limited to contact details to enable us to manage your booking. You may see our full Data Protection and Privacy policy here.


  • Waveney Stardust Trust Ltd (WSTL) accepts responsibility for negligence by its operatives and equipment aboard its cruisers and walkways / ramps owned and operated by WSTL but not for matters outside its control or for misuse of equipment by passengers not adhering to instructions given by WSTL operatives

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or have a complaint about our service please write to The Chairman Waveney Stardust Trust Limited, c/o H E Hipperson Limited, Gillingham, Beccles, NR34 0EB or use the contact form below.

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