Why have a login?

Covid-19 Update 29th March 2021
We know very well the enormous benefits our cruises have brought to our passengers in the past. As yet there remains significant uncertainty about how we might operate in 2021. The vast majority of our crews and passengers fall within the groups most at risk from Covid-19. We continue to monitor developments of the Covid-19 and will update you as our situation becomes clearer.

Why have a login?

Set up a customer login with your contact details and you can

  • Make multiple bookings without having to enter your details again.
  • Review your bookings at any time.
  • Maintain your contact details and preferences if they change.
  • Access your Customer page using Sign in from the menu on all pages.

The login is for bookings only. Your details and bookings will be held with our trusted booking system partner Bookeo. No payment information is stored – all payments will still be made to the Skipper on the day.

You can be assured that Waveney Stardust Trust Limited value your privacy, adhere to the Data Protection Act and do not disclose any information to third parties .