Waveney Stardust and Covid-19

Waveney Stardust Trust are very aware of the risk of Covid-19 transmission between our crews and passengers by personal contact and contact with boat and transport sufaces.

  • WSTL will apply Government Guidance at all times.
  • WSTL put the safety of our passengers and volunteers and their family and friends above all other considerations.
  • WSTL strongly advise customers to make their own risk assessments and take decisions about whether to book and/or cruise with us. Cancellations based on health concerns will incur no penalties, however close to a cruise date.
  • WSTL will work with Volunteers to assist them in their own risk assessments and establish a clear approach for their involvement in our operations.  WSTL will support volunteers with temporary suspension of crewing if this is required.
  • Whilst we operate cruises:
    • WSTL have implemented enhanced hygiene processes for a Waveney Stardust cruise with volunteers coached in carrying out thorough boat cleaning before, during and after a cruise
    • Volunteers and passengers are asked not to turn up if they think they may be infectious or are in a high risk group
  • WSTL will suspend operations as soon as they believe the risks to passengers or volunteers are too high or to comply with Government advice. In this case WSTL will:
    • publicise an ‘Earliest Cruising Resume’ date for operations through the website and Enquiries line
    • Contact all customers with bookings to cancel cruises up to the ‘Earliest Cruising Resume’ date
    • take bookings for dates after the ‘Earliest Cruising Resume’ date with a clear statement that they are dependent risks reducing to an acceptable level
    • monitor the situation continually and adjust the ‘Earliest Cruising Resume’ date if required

Current Status

Cruises: Suspended for 2020

Earliest Cruising Resume: 1st April 2021

Bookings: Currently closed.

* The situation is subject to continuous review as the Covid-19 situation develops

Latest Government Advice

The latest advice from the NHS can be found on their Covid-19 page.
The latest Government advice can be found on their Coronavirus pages.

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